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About Juno

What is Juno?

We’re a one stop shop for all your family healthcare needs. We have adult primary care, pediatrics, gynecology and same day care.

How do I book and manage my appointments?

You can book your own appointments easily by clicking on the ‘Book Now’ button on the top right hand corner of our home page, or by clicking here. Choose the type of visit you’d like, as well as your more specific visit reason, and real time availability will display for each of our clinicians. From there, just click the time slot you’d like and follow the prompts. If you need help, email [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

How do I chat with my doctor?

You can message any member of your care team through your Juno account. To sign up for your Juno account, go to Be sure to register using the email address with which you scheduled your visit.

Note: for billing or appointment management questions, please email [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Are there events & programs at Juno?

Yes! One of the many benefits of being a Juno patient is access to an incredible catalog of events, both live and online, focused around your health, lifestyle, and community.

Health Services

Primary Care

Primary Care is care you need before you get sick, before you need to see a specialist, and before you need to go to a hospital. It’s care - typically delivered by a family practice or internal medicine provider - that is intended to keep you healthy and informed about how to live a healthy lifestyle. At Juno, Primary Care is our foundation. We have a team of clinicians ready to address your essential health needs, with an extra emphasis on prevention and screening, coordinating your care, and delivering evidence-based easy to understand guidance and insight specific to your health needs.


Women have special health needs. At Juno, we set out to assemble a talented team of gynecologic clinicians capable of meeting all your gynecological health requirements. Many of our clinicians have a special interest in or focus on gynecology, including many of our primary care providers, our OB/GYN specialists, and our nurse practitioners and physician assistants. You can come to Juno for any of the below reasons and many more

  • Preventive services

  • Birth control counseling & prescriptions

  • Breast cancer screening

  • Cervical cancer screening

  • Weight management

  • Menstrual disorders

  • Menopause

  • Osteoporosis 

  • Sexually-transmitted diseases

  • Thyroid disorders

  • Urinary tract infections

  • Yeast infections

If you’re not sure what we offer, just ask us at [email protected]


Juno is the healthcare home for your whole family. This demands excellent pediatrics, and we’re happy to deliver. We have a team of family medicine and pediatric clinicians who are passionate about offering exceptional care to your family. And our offices are kid-friendly to boot. You can bring your child to Juno for any of the below reasons and many more

  • Well-child visits

  • Newborn to teen health

  • School, camp, and sports forms

  • Routine vaccinations

  • Colds and flus

  • Ear aches

  • Fevers and illnesses

  • Allergies and asthma

  • Rashes and skin issues

  • Minor injuries

  • Chronic conditions

  • Growth and nutrition

If you’re not sure what we offer, just ask us at [email protected] 

Same Day Care

At Juno, we’re here to provide care for your unanticipated health needs. Think of Same Day Care as a more cost effective Urgent Care alternative in a place you know and love. You can book a Same Day Care appointment on our website; we reserve appointment time each day so that when something urgent comes up, we’re here to meet your need. You can book your Same Day Care visit for any of the below reasons and many more 

  • Urinary Tract Infections

  • STD testing

  • Upper/lower respiratory infections

  • Skin infections

  • Rashes

  • Cysts/Abscesses

  • Joint/Muscle pain

  • Imaging referrals

  • Asthma

  • Abdominal pain

  • Prescription refills

  • Bug bites

  • Injuries

  • Ear wax removal

  • DOT physical

If you’re not sure what we offer, just ask us at [email protected]

Virtual Visits

At Juno, you can book a virtual visit with your provider just like you would any other visit type. Most insurance carriers cover virtual visits, though you should check with your insurance company prior to the visit if you intend to use your insurance benefit. You can book a virtual visit for any of the below reasons and many more

  • Prescription renewals

  • Lab results review

  • Follow-up visits

  • Same day care visits

If you’re not sure if what you need is a good fit, email us at [email protected] or message your doctor and ask!


We stock a variety of common vaccines at Juno; you can book a Same Day Care visit to get vaccinated, or request a vaccination in a visit with your primary provider. Among our vaccines, we offer

  • Flu (available seasonally while supplies last)

  • HPV (Gardasil-9) 

  • Shingles (SHINGRIX)

  • Pneumococcal disease (Pneumovax23 and Pneumococcal 15)

  • Meningitis (MENQUADFI)

  • Tdap (BOOSTRIX)

  • Hepatitis B (RECOMBIVAX)

  • Polio (IPOL)

  • Measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR)

  • Varicella (VARIVAX)

If you’re not sure what we offer, just ask us at [email protected] 

Practice Policies

Pediatric Vaccine Policy

We are honored that you have chosen Juno Medical as the healthcare home for your children. Like you, we believe there is nothing more important than keeping your children healthy and safe. We understand that parents/guardians have questions and concerns regarding vaccines and our providers are happy to discuss these concerns with you. We also acknowledge that the decision to vaccinate your child is a personal one. However, we, as pediatric providers AND parents, strongly believe the following based on scientific evidence:

  • Vaccines are effective in preventing serious illness and saving lives.

  • Vaccines are safer than ever before.

  • Vaccinating children and young adults may be the single most important intervention we perform to ensure the health and safety of children and adults in our community.

  • The recommended vaccine schedule is the result of many years of scientific study and vaccine refusal or alternative vaccine schedules leave children at risk of serious illness and/or death. 

Because vaccines are so effective at preventing infections, most people have never seen children suffer or die due to polio, bacterial meningitis, tetanus, whooping cough, or even chickenpox. Such success can make us complacent, leading some to believe vaccines are unnecessary. That thought process, combined with widely spread but unsubstantiated anti-vaccine rhetoric, puts children at unnecessary risk. At Juno, we believe it’s important to follow the overwhelming evidence and establish a vaccine policy that prioritizes the safety and health of children.

Juno Medical Vaccine Policy:

  1. All patients should receive all recommended vaccines according to the CDC/AAP vaccine schedule unless there is a medical contraindication.

  2. We will not accept new patients whose parents choose not to vaccinate their children.

  3. Parents of newborns will be given until the 4 month checkup to initiate vaccines. If vaccines are not initiated at that time, patients will be required to find another pediatric health care provider. These patients can continue to be seen in our office for 30 days after being informed of the policy verbally and in writing.

  4. We do not recommend alternative vaccine schedules, nor will proposed alternative schedules be accepted.

Pediatric Form Policy

We know that as a Juno pediatrics parent, you'll often need forms completed for your child to go to school, participate in sports, go to camp, or participate in a number of other exciting activities.

At Juno, we charge $15 for the completion of forms for your child (to be completed within 7 days). Or $30 for rush 24 hour service.

Consider a Juno membership for access to unlimited free forms as one of the many benefits.

Insurance and Billing

What insurance plans are you in network with?

We’re in network with plans from all major insurance carriers, including Medicare, as well as some managed medicaid plans. However, some plans, even from major carriers, restrict access to providers like Juno. Even if you see your insurance plan listed on our site, you should confirm with your insurer through their find a doctor tool.

If we’re not in network with your plan, have no fear! We strive to offer affordable and transparent cash options for individuals who are unable to use an insurance benefit. Email [email protected] if you’d like a quote.

What are co-pays?

A co-pay is a fixed amount the patient pays for medical services. The remaining balance is covered by the patient's insurance company. Co-pays may vary within the same plans, depending on the service provided. If you have a co-pay, we’ll attempt to collect it prior to your departure. However, sometimes we do not become aware of a co-pay until we’ve billed your insurance carrier, in which case, we may reach out requesting payment.

What is a deductible?

A deductible is a fixed amount a patient must pay each year before their health insurance benefits begin to cover the costs. After your deductible has been met, patients typically pay coinsurance — a percentage of the total costs — for any services that are covered by the plan. They continue to pay the coinsurance until they meet their out-of-pocket maximum for the year.

How much will I pay for care at Juno?

The amount you’ll owe depends on the type of visit you’re here for, as well as the specifics of your insurance plan. Please reach out to your insurance carrier if you need help understanding your benefit design. If you have a high deductible health plan, we are happy to provide you with a cost estimate for your care if you email us at [email protected]

Is my annual wellness visit / physical free?

Usually. However, some insurance plans only cover one annual wellness visit per year. So before scheduling your visit, if you’ve already had an annual wellness visit or physical this year, confirm with your health insurance company whether you’re allowed to have a second. We won’t know ourselves whether you’ve used up your allowance - if you have one - until we bill your insurance company.

Can I pay with a flex spending card?

Yes. As a reminder, make sure you have your current card information and be aware that your Flex spending fund expires at the end of each calendar year.

Can I pay with an HSA?

You can pay for a wide range of IRS-qualified medical expenses with your HSA, including many that aren't typically fully covered by health insurance plans. This includes office visits, prescription, and travel vaccines.

What is the refund policy?

In the event you are owed a refund due to overpayment, that refund will be returned to your original credit card, or will be available as a credit for future visits. 

How can I pay my bill?

You can pay a Juno bill in one of three ways. In-person, after your visit or before your next visit. Via phone, if you call us directly. Or by email, where we can send you a payable invoice.

How do I read my insurance card?

See How to Read Your Insurance Card for instructions.


Lab services at Juno

Juno offers on-site laboratory services available after your visit or at a time of your convenience, when scheduled. Our staff will put you at ease, draw your blood and collect other specimens in an anxiety-free environment, and get you on your way quickly. After we receive and review your results, we will promptly message you with our interpretation and a copy of the report. You must have an active Juno patient account to receive digital results.

Many of our labs are sent to our lab partner, Quest Diagnostics.

How does insurance work with labs at Juno?

Most of the labs ordered by your Juno provider will be sent to Quest Diagnostics. Quest is in network with most major insurance carriers, and most tests are covered by insurance. But you should always confirm with your insurance carrier to be safe. Any charges incurred for laboratory testing will be billed to you directly by Quest.

Can I get STD testing at Juno?

Yes. Like all medical tests, STD tests are strictly confidential. If you know you were exposed to HIV or viral Hepatitis, you should speak with your physician immediately to discuss early preventive treatment options. This can be done as part of a primary care, gynecology or same day care visit.

How long does it take to get my lab results?

Typically it takes between 7 to 10 business days to receive your lab results. After your test, most of your labs will be processed by a third party facility. Once returned to us, we message you a copy of the results along with any interpretation. Your clinician may request that you schedule a follow-up visit to discuss results in more detail if necessary. 

How can I access my lab results?

You can review your Juno lab results right in your Juno portal account! 


What is a Juno membership?

A Juno membership is our commitment to offering Convenience, Savings, and Events & Programs you won’t find at your typical doctor’s office and that insurance companies won’t pay for. Everyone has access to the same excellent care at Juno, but membership offers incredible flexibility, high-value deals at national brands and local services you’ll love, and compelling event programming.

Is membership mandatory?

Membership is not mandatory to receive care from the same great doctors at Juno. Our Membership offering is focused around providing Convenience, Savings, and Events & Programming benefits beyond what health insurance companies will pay for. If these benefits meet your unique needs, consider a Juno Membership. If not, know that our doors will always be open to you to receive the highest quality care we offer regardless.

How much does membership cost?

A Family membership costs $50/month with an annual commitment or $500/year when paid in advance. An Individual membership costs $20/month with an annual commitment or $200/year when paid in advance.

What is the difference between a Family membership and an Individual membership?

A family membership entitles your partner and any children access to the same excellent Juno membership benefits. You also unlock one free wellness service annually, unlimited free healthcare forms, the ability to schedule back to back visits for yourself and the whole family by working with our dedicated member service team, and more. Take a look at our membership page for a full breakdown.

What is the membership cancellation policy?

You can cancel for your following annual renewal period at any time (prior to renewal) by emailing [email protected].

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