Direct access to exceptional primary care without the cost or headaches of insurance.

Join Juno Direct



Direct is not mandatory to receive the same great care at Juno.

What's included

All the benefits of Juno Membership, plus:

  • Free in-person preventive primary care services (including recommended labs) — whenever you need it

  • Free same-day care appointments for urgent needs with little to no wait

  • Access to direct-only rates for vaccines, lab tests, and on-site diagnostics and imaging

  • All healthcare forms (school, camp, workplace, & more) taken care of at no cost — plus, the ongoing support of Juno’s team in-between visits

Why Join Juno Direct?

Simplify your healthcare costs
Take care of all of you and your family’s primary care needs with a monthly or annual fee
Just you and Juno
No third party insurance, hidden costs, copays, or deductibles to keep you up at night
Low or no cost care
Access free in-person preventive and same-day (urgent) appointments with Juno experts
Flexible and accessible support
Virtual or in-person care — plus, spread the word to family & friends who can access Juno with or without Direct


Direct care just for you



Choose plan

requires annual commitment



Choose plan

Save 16%

Includes all individual membership benefits plus:

  • Free in-person preventive primary care services
  • In person follow-up for chronic conditions
  • No cost same-day care (urgent care) appointments
  • Discounted and affordable vaccines, lab tests, and imaging
  • Unlimited free healthcare forms (e.g., school, camp, work, travel)

You have the option to cancel your annual subscription renewal at any time before the automatic renewal date by emailing [email protected].

Free in-person preventive care
No-cost Same-Day Care for urgent needs
No out-of-pocket cost for follow-up care as directed by your doctor
Discounted labs, immunizations, imaging, and other diagnostics
Free healthcare forms (work, camp, school, etc.)
Same great doctors
Highest quality care

Direct care is not mandatory to receive care from the same great doctors at Juno.

Get the care you and your family deserve.

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