Convenient, affordable care designed for you & your family

Juno is changing how healthcare works.

We’ve created a one-stop solution for you and your family’s day-to-day care needs that features exceptional hospitality, modern technology, and transparent prices that won’t break the bank.

Juno brings the best of high-quality pediatrics, adult primary care, women’s health, and same-day care under one roof — with labs, x-ray, and ultrasound also on-site.

How we're different

We're not some "exclusive" membership

Night & weekend appointments. Discuss annual visit lab results in real time with your doctor. Dedicated concierge to book family appointments & handle any insurance issues.

We're here when you need us

Our Same-Day Care service is open 7 days a week and membership includes expanded access to our specialized primary care physicians.

We're convenient

Neighborhood-based locations, prescription refills with the click of a button, virtual visits, discounts on rides to and from appointments, and more.

We've brought the best of modern technology

You can make fully-confirmed new patient appointments on your favorite device, complete common health forms electronically, and get an estimate of how much you'll pay for your appointment on our mobile app.


Juno is on a mission to create a healthier world.

We're a team of physicians, designers, engineers, and parents who believe a fundamentally new approach is required to build an inclusive healthcare system that delivers great care to everyone.

We're starting out by reimagining healthcare for families, but have big plans for the future.

Why "Juno"?

The word “juno” is derived from the Latin iuvenis, meaning “youth” and is also apparent in the verb iuvare, meaning “to give aid”.

In Roman mythology, “Juno” is the goddess of life, healing, and family — which we believe represents what Juno Medical is all about.

Our Values

People First

We will always put people first — not only our patients and customers, but also our employees, clinicians, and physicians who provide selfless care every day.


Our vision to reinvent healthcare requires bold aspirations and fearless execution in the face of the many challenges that define our industry.


We obsess over improving everyday, doing more with less, and providing the highest quality care for our patients, members, and community.

Inclusive Diversity

Building a great company requires an exceptionally talented team that represents the range of human differences and a place where everyone feels like they belong.


We believe being a healthcare company, by definition,requires us to both do well and good. And we will always choose to do what's right over increasing profits.